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~Last Updated: June, 2017 ~

What is the My Little Pony Scrapbook?
The My Little Pony Scrapbook is a Generation 1 pony ID site that first came into being in late 1998/early 1999, in response to the demand for information about ponies on sale in the UK during the 1980s. A very basic site then, it has since evolved into a much bigger attempt to not only catalogue the story of My Little Pony in the UK, but to place that story within the wider narrative of G1 My Little Pony in general.

There are a lot of ID sites. Why is this one relevant?
The Scrapbook is the only G1 My Little Pony website that deals with the UK pony story. It is also the only website that attempts to place the UK pony story within the wider context. This is not just a site for so-called "UK variants" or "UK exclusives", but a full and comprehensive guide to all ponies ever sold in the UK during Generation 1. The site offers:

Most ID sites segregate ponies into "UK/Europe" and "US/Mainstream". The Scrapbook operates from a different angle. It presumes that all pony releases intersect and therefore should not be segregated into false categories, but rather presented within context of the global picture.

Didn't the Scrapbook used to deal with variant ponies?
The Scrapbook was the first website to feature variant ponies and identify them as such, back in the late 1990s. In those days, there were few variants identified - mostly Italian, Indian and NC - and fewer still that were catalogued. These days there are many people who specialise in variants, or "Nirvana" ponies. This site is and always was focused on the mainstream releases from the UK. It had variants so long as nowhere else did, but now there is not a need for it. There are some examples of variants on these pages, but this site does not specialise in Nirvana ponies.

Where do you source your pony images from?
Most of the ponies featured on these pages are in my own collection, or that or my sister. This means that I am describing them from personal knowledge. In the case of borrowed images, there is a credit note to the image donator. If there is a gap on a page for an image, it means that I need an image donation. If you can help, please get in touch!

Are any of your ponies for sale?
My ponies are working ponies, and they are pictured on these pages to help with pony ID information. I don't sell from my collection, but I sometimes have ponies for sale. Because I am a full time student and between locations, I sell only at specific times. Only ponies listed on the trade/sale page are ever available for trade/sale. Ponies on the main site are not for sale. At present my trading status is:

Can I email you if I have a question and can't find the answer?
Of course! Please feel free to email me with pony questions and enquiries. Please note that I am not an expert for pony pricing, and you would do better going to a pony forum to ask those kinds of questions, but ID questions I am more than willing to answer. Please also use the search engine to find your pony.


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Top image:
Sweet Scoops (mine) and Baby Billie variant (Lady G's) pose at the Birmingham UK PonyCon, October 2006
Because ponies ought to be put together, not split apart