I have actually debated with myself for a long time as to whether or not to add this to my site, but, ultimately, I have decided to do so. I am not an avid plush collector, nor do I have a complete set of plushes to display here. All I will say is that there are many pony plushes, most all of which were sold in the UK. (In fact, I think all adult plushes sold in the US were sold here). Plush ponies were sold in the UK (confusingly!) under the tag of "So Soft Ponies").

There were a few special UK exceptions in the plush line. This page is simply to document them, not include all the ponies sold here in plush form. They were originally so little known about by collectors that they were dismissed as fakes or custom made, but this has since been thoroughly disproved.

(image from my collection, taken circa 2000)

There is, to my knowledge, one exclusive plush to the UK: Honeycomb. I first found her at a carboot sale sometime around the year 2000. At the time, questions were asked as to whether she was a put together job, on account of her eyeshadowed eyes. People thought they'd been taken from a Bow Tie plush, although nobody was able to explain the perfectly stitched symbol in such an easy way! There are not many Plush Honeycombs around, and even fewer with the original labelling still attached. Mine does not have this labelling.

In all ways she is like a normal plush pony. She is just a UK release character, and so did not see a global release.



There are three of these confirmed, and these are even more UK based than Honeycomb, as they were actually made here under licence for Hasbro UK. They were made in the UK by a company called Telitoy under licence from Hasbro. When they were new, these large and adorable ponies had a rosette attached to their cheek with their name on. They are probably twice as big and floppy as a regular plush, or pretty close to it in size. All of them unzip to reveal a pouch in which kids were meant to put their pyjamas or nightdresses during the day.

Cotton Candy and Bow Tie, the original two are in a lying down pose, with their symbol sewed on pieces of cloth and their eyes closed. The zip is along their stomachs and their feet can be velcroed together to hide this. Trickles is in a sitting position, with eyes open.

There have long since been rumours of a Bubbles (in the same pose as Trickles, making me think that she might have been a customised or mis-recognised Trickles) and a Starshine but neither have ever come to light. I have a strange conviction/memory of seeing a Starshine or a photo of one at some point in my childhood, but it's just as possible what I saw was a plush Starshine. For that reason, therefore, I am sticking to the facts I know. The ones on this page are confirmed, though if you have photos of any others you'd like to share, please do!




Of the three, Trickles is far more hard to find, and sells for much higher prices on the second hand market. The other two used to be far more common, but these days all three are quite rare and sought after pieces of G1 merchandise. (Probably because they are flopsy and cute!)