Arc One:
Just A Dream

1: Starstruck
2: The Jem Memorial
3: Conflict
4: Hardlight
5: Family Feud
6: A Gabor Legacy
Christmas in California

Arc Two:
 To Be A Star

7: Twin Games
8:  Reunited:
Part One: The Home Coming

Part Two: A Night To Remember
9: Devil May Care
10: To The Ends Of The Earth
11: A Mountain Adventure
12: It Must've Been Love

Arc Three:
When Life Goes On

13: Cynthia's War:
Part One: In The Public Eye
Part Two: Cyberdemon
14: Shadow Of The Girl
15: A Starlight Wedding:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
16: Don't Look Back:
Part One
Part Two

17. Bloodlines
18. A Christmas Story

Arc Four:
Into The Spotlight

19: Sadie's Scandal:
Part One: Island Of Dreams
Part Two: Death To The Old Life
20: Princess In Waiting
21: A Movie Starlet
22: Blast From The Past:
Part One: Curtain Down

Part Two: Last Call
Part Three: Encore

23: Blind Faith
24: No Such Thing As Ghosts

Arc Five:
Burning Ambition

25: Flashback: Jewel Through Time
26: Stolen:
Part One: Lovesick
Part Two: Heartstrong
27: Sacred Vows:
Part One: To Have And To Hold
Part Two: In Sickness And In Health

Part Three: Till Death Us Do Part

28: Mother's Pride

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